Hamper King - KeyReturn

David – Hamper King keyring client who was frantically looking for his keys when we called to say they had been found.
“Can’t thank Hamper King & KeyReturn enough, dropped my Mercedes-Benz key and other keys walking out of the car park, what a relief to get them back.”

Dunlop Super Dealer - KeyReturn

Milly – Dunlop Super Dealer client away on holidays and was out walking, dropped keys, was frantically looking for them when we called to say they had been found.
“Have been looking for my keys for 30 mins, what a relief, thank you to Dunlop Super Dealer for giving me the keyring, I am so relieved”

GIO - KeyReturn

JanetGIO keyring client who left her handbag on top of her car and drove off, finder rang KeyReturn after checking the keys to say he had found everything. It was her handbag, wallet, camera, car keys and more, re-united the next morning from losing them.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you GIO. I can’t believe I got it all back – my handbag, keys and camera which has my precious daughter’s wedding photos on it.”

AutoMasters - KeyReturn

Ben – AutoMasters client, had no idea where he had lost his keys.
“Big thank you to AutoMasters, my keys would have cost a fortune to replace, especially the Mercedes Benz car key, thank you again, amazing service all round”

GIO - KeyReturn

TimGIO keyring client who had an BMW car key, Volvo car key, and security pass on his keys, valued at over $1500
“Saved me a bundle by having the GIO keyring on my keys, great service to have included with my GIO Insurance policy

Freedom Insurance - KeyReturn

JacquiFreedom Insurance client, left her keys behind whilst shopping, but didn’t know where.
“I was looking for them for days, what a relief to get them back, thank you Freedom Insurance, what a great service to have with my policy”