Who is KeyReturn?
KeyReturn was formed in October 2009 by two Australian businessmen, who saw a need in the marketplace for a keyring with security and a return feature, which added value for business’s and their clients.
How does the keyring work?
Each keyring has a unique id number which will identify you within the secure KeyReturn registration system to only KeyReturn as the owner of those keys, and if you lose the keys and the keys have been found, you will be contacted directly by the KeyReturn office. You register your details & unique keyring id number online at www.keyreturn.com.au
Who should use KeyReturn?
Every person who has valuable keys to protect, so that is everyone in Australia. Any business, association, charity group who wants to market their brand in a powerful and positive manner. KeyReturn is a very powerful marketing tool, with many other benefits apart from the keyring.
Do many people lose their keys?
Hundreds of keys are lost every day across Australia and Police Stations, Shopping centres are where a lot get handed in. The problem is they are rarely reunited with their owners because they cannot be identified.
Are people that honest when they find keys that they will return them or hand them in?

Ask yourself what you would do if you found a set of keys and you will have the answer…yes, yes, yes

We did a test when first launched – we left 60 sets of keys randomly throughout Western Australia, in shopping centres, the beach, bus shelter, coffee shops, movie theaters, on the footpath, all on a Tuesday between 1 – 2pm with a Nova keyring attached registered back to us and … within 3 days 54 were returned, that is a 90% success rate !!

Can I have any design or shape?
Absolutely, your company logo, a specific shape, anything you wish, and we will even design a shape for you to consider.
How does it come packaged?
Each keyring comes in a professional branded presentation pack. See our Showcase section for examples.
How much does it cost to get a sample done up to see using my company logo and details?
As a service to genuine clients, we provide the artwork sample of the design of the keyring using your logo / brand as part of the process, see our contact page for enquiries.
How long does it take to get the keyrings produced once ordered?
Between 6-8 weeks.
Is KeyReturn connected to Australia Post?
We proudly engage the services of Australia Post throughout Australia and they are a very important part of the success of our business with the service they provide to us.
How are the keys returned to a customer if they are lost?
Lost keys are returned in the most secure manner, and always in consultation with the owner of the lost keys.
How much does it cost to have the KeyReturn service?
Apart from the initial purchase cost of the keyring, there are no further costs.
Does it cost anything to have my keys returned if I lose them and they are returned to KeyReturn?
How long have KeyReturn been in business?
Since 2009 , plus the parent company has been in business for over 30 years. Having added KeyReturn to their business. KeyReturn has been operating very successfully for years, having been trialed in Western Australia for 2 years before going national, with great success for their clients who have had keyrings produced.
How do I know KeyReturn is going to be around in years to come?
We intend to be in business a long time and the Directors own other highly successful business’s. KeyReturn has been formed as a very long term addition within those businesses with a long term strategy.
Are there any yearly fees?
Do I have to register my keyring?
Absolutely, otherwise if you lose them and they are returned we will not know who they belong to.
How much do keys cost to replace?
A car key alone can cost anywhere from $300 – $1000+ for just one key, plus your remote, garage door remote, house keys, post box key, add it up and if you lose your keys you are going to be up for a lot of money to replace them, plus the inconvenience.