How It Works

  1. Receive a company branded keyring which has our KeyReturn features incorporated
  2. Each keyring has a unique serial number to identify the owner.
  3. The keyring is registered to that owner and they attach the keyring to their key ring.
  4. Should their keys become lost, the KeyReturn keyring directs finders to simply drop the unpackaged keys into any Australia Post mailbox or phone KeyReturn.

How It Works Diagram

Oh and by the way…

We need to acknowledge the outstanding services of Australia Post who assist us with our service to you.


Australia Post return a substantial number of sets of keys to us each year (300+ for just one of our clients since they started using our keyrings & service), and then we equally return these back to their rightful owners efficiently and securely. So a genuine thank you Australia Post for their great assistance in making our product such a success !