PGA - KeyReturn

Name withheldPGA keyring and keys left on a train.
“Embarrassed that I lost them, but very relieved to get them back, thank you PGA and KeyReturn

Legacy - KeyReturn

Ray – Bought a Legacy keyring only 3 days earlier in Legacy week, had just left the doctors and dropped his keys, keys returned within 5 mins.
“Just left the Doctors 5 mins earlier and received a call from KeyReturn to say my keys had been found out the front, didn’t even know I had dropped them. I am a proud supporter of Legacy and they have saved me a lot because I bought their keyring”

Sydney University Football Club - KeyReturn

Peter – Sydney University Rugby Club Member – Lost keys walking the dog through a park, keys found by kids playing in the park and returned to KeyReturn.
“What a relief to get my keys back, the BMW key was going to cost a fortune to replace, plus my other security keys, thanks KeyReturn, great service”

Sharp - KeyReturn

Russell – Sharp client who was broken into and had his BMW car stolen, keys found on a footpath next morning by a walker, contacted KeyReturn.
“What a relief, appreciate the service, shock to have been broken into, but very pleased to get my keys … and car back !!, thanks Sharp and KeyReturn

GIO - KeyReturn

MarkGIO keyring client who lost his keys shopping and had them back within hours of losing them.
“What a great service, very relieved”.

AutoMasters - KeyReturn

SpencerAutoMasters client who dropped his keys walking the dog.
“Thank you AutoMasters, did not even know I had lost them until the call.”