What is KeyReturn?

KeyReturn is your branded keyring with a secure return service.

100s of sets of keys are lost in Australia every day.

KeyReturn is convenience, branding and loyalty all wrapped into one promotional branded keyring. A promotional item like no other.

The KeyReturn keyring system benefits customers and clients alike. Insurance for their keys and insurance for your brand.

How it works

KeyReturn is simple and easy to use.

Distribute your branded keyrings to your customers. Each keyring has a unique serial number to register and identify the owner.
Should a customer’s keys become lost, the KeyReturn keyring directs finders to return the keyring to us.
The finder simply calls the phone number on the keyring, or drops the unpackaged keys into any Australia Post mailbox.
KeyReturn will contact the owner via phone, email or SMS, and organise for the keys to be securely returned to the owner at no cost to the customer or your business.

People use keys all day, every day.

It’s your brand, in your customers hand, every day.

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